Our Mission

vonEgypt Soccer Academy was founded upon the experience and hindsight knowledge of its owners as well as the pure love of the game! Throughout our many experiences and successes with soccer, we've realized what we could have done differently at each level to be the top performer and excel over the rest of the pack. Many of them are simple! It almost always comes down to "I wish I had just practiced my left foot a little more every day and I could have done.." or " If I had only gotten more comfortable with the ball at my feet I would've made the next level team quicker, advancing my game". The thing that we've realized as to why players don't get these individual skills worked on at practice is that the job of a typical team coach is not what many think. Their job is not to make each player better individually. That happens to players by default through experience. The job of the coach is to take a team of multiple players and maximize each of their strengths as one cohesive unit so that it mitigates the weaknesses of each player individually. This may win games and build a strong team, but it leaves gaps in many of the players core skills that can be exposed at the next level. Many defenders are left without attacking skills, and many attackers do not learn to pressure and make runs correctly which are imperative at higher levels of play. With winning becoming the primary focus, many players don't have time to get enough direct attention on improving their weaknesses at practice simply because every player would need to be doing different drills and exercises during the same practice time.

At vonEgypt Soccer Academy, our goal is to show players what to do in order to have the same experiences and successes that we have had all the way up to the professional level. We will supplement the team based coaching using our professional experience with the drills and skills that took each of us to the next level, and implement them at an earlier stage in a player’s career. By closing those gaps early and increasing the individual skills of each player, we can help you become the more complete soccer player that can play at any level you choose. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice in any field or profession to become a professional. Let's get some extra hours in early of productive, needs-based, personalized, and most importantly FUN training sessions to bring you to the level you want!